Release Notes

Features, improvements, and FAQs about our latest releases.


Quit and Restart

Experiencing slowness or connectivity issues? A simple restart of the app often resolves these common hiccups. There's no need for a full system shutdown—just close and reopen the app.

Error Handling

We're continuously improving our error handling. If you encounter difficulties saving your workout or updating data, the primary culprit might be an unstable network connection. If an action doesn't yield the expected result, please check your connection and also report the incident to us.

Network Connection Issues

Our app requires a stable internet connection to save and retrieve data. If you experience inconsistencies, please ensure your internet is stable. If problems persist, don't hesitate to reach out.

Manage Subscription

Click here to manage your subscription. If you forget your password, email us at


Device Connection Troubles

If your device connects but doesn't function as expected, try forgetting the device and reconnecting. Wait for about 10 seconds, restart the app, and attempt the connection again. If the issue persists, there might be a compatibility issue. Please inform us so we can address it.

Device Compatibility

We have a curated list of devices known to be compatible with our app. If your device isn't on this list and encounters issues, we'll note it for further investigation.

Operating Near Multiple Devices

Operating in close proximity to multiple devices may lead to unexpected behaviors. If you experience issues in such situations, please let us know.



Your password security is a priority for us. While passwords in our database are stored securely, we recommend using a robust password for added protection. If you ever forget your password, reach out to us for assistance. We're also working on adding a 'Forgot Password' feature soon.

Data Security

We ensure that connections to our database are secure. However, it's essential not to include sensitive information, like bank details, in your workout notes or other app sections.



Stay updated and get in touch with us on Instagram at @sandboxcycling. For any issues or inquiries, DMs are welcome!


Prefer email? Drop us a line at However, for quicker responses, we recommend reaching out via Instagram.